Fauna and flora discovery

We offer here themed walks adapted to your tastes! Discover the different flowers of the Alps and their specificities or come and observe the local fauna and its habitat!

Don’t forget the terroir and let yourself be surprised by a cheese tasting, a visit to a alpine hut or a vineyard. Combine discovery, nature and tradition.

1/2 day , 9h00 -12h00 or 13h00- 16h00
Product Number of pers. Price CHF
1/2 day on a theme1 to 6 pers.400.-CHF
1/2 day on a theme7 to 10 pers.450.- CHF
1 day , 9h00 à 16h00
1 day on a theme1 pers.500.- CHF
2 pers.270.- CHF per pers.
3 pers.190.- CHF per pers.
4 pers.150.- CHF per pers.
5 pers.128.- CHF per pers.
6 pers.115.- CHF per pers.
7 à 10 pers.115.- CHF per pers.
Our prices only include the guide’s services. The cost of technical equipment, lunches (picnics) and any transport (taxi or public transport) must be added to the above prices.