Via Ferrata

Along the cliffs or through the gorges, monkey bridges, footbridges and ladders will familiarize you with the verticality and the magic of a via ferrata course.

Attached at all times with a security harness, explore the mountain face and discover the exceptional panoramas and landscapes of the region.

Our guides can take you to discover the via ferrata at Madz√©ria, les Gentianes, or even further afield…

Prices – 1 day Via Ferrata

Number of participantsPrice in CHF
1 personCHF 650.-
2 peopleCHF 650.-
3 peopleCHF 720.-
4 peopleCHF 760.-
5 peopleCHF 800.-
6 peopleCHF 840.-
Our rates include the supervision of a guide. Meals, lodging and transportation are not included.